‘TCRA ban on Wasafi TV oppresses media freedom’, says TEF Chairman

Wednesday January 06 2021
By The Citizen Reporter

Dar es Salaam . The chairman of the Tanzania Editors Forum (TEF) Deodatus Balile on Tuesday said the punishment by the Tanzania Coomunication Regulatory Authority to ban Wasafi TV for six months oppresses media freedom.

“It might be true that the Wasafi TV violated regulations, but they are not to blame. The authority should punish the perpetrator (Gigy Money) instead of the media. Even Muhimbili National Hospital was not punished when its doctors conducted head surgery instead of operating on a leg, but the doctors,” he said.

“This system of banning the media for the mistakes of the third party person is not acceptable. How can the media be punished while the offender is known,” said Mr Balile.

Many have since voiced concern over the lengthy ban saying it would affect the livelihood of the employees, whereas others did not see any issue with the artiste wearing nude themed costume.

According to the TCRA, Wasafi TV violated regulations number 11 (1) (b) (c) and (d) of the Electronic and Postal Communication Act 2018 which require the content provider to ensure that it does not advertise unethical contents.

Other violated regulations are 11 (2) (b) and (e) which prohibit a content provider from disclosing sexual content in a manner that is offensive and obscene in nature.


Mr Kalungule explained that the television station also violated regulation number 14 (a) which prohibits the service provider from broadcasting inappropriate content to children, especially when the large number of viewers of the programme are expected to be children.

“The TV station also violated regulation number 14 (b) which requires the service provider to comply with ‘watershed period’ a proper and legal time permitted to air adult contents,” he said.

Wasafi TV, according to him, has also violated the regulation number 28 (4) which prohibits the content provider from publishing content with nude images or those that show sexual organs.

In another development, the National Arts Council of Tanzania (Basata) has banned the artiste, Gigy Money, for six months from engaging in music activities within and outside the country for allegations of performing on stage, exposing her nudity.

In line with the ban of engaging in music activities, Basata has fined her a penalty of Sh1 million in accordance to Basata Regulations number 64 (1) (a) - (i) of 2018.