The sunrise and sunset of the Tanzanian presidency

Friday March 26 2021
sun set pic

Former President John Magufuli dances on his arrival in Kampala during his state visit as Uganda President Yoweri Museveni (left)looks on. PHOTO | file

By Captain Ibrahim Mbiu Bendera

1. On the seventeenth day of March this year,

As the sun was setting in its twilight sphere,

President John Magufuli is passed on,

His earth departing time came upon.

2. To the Lord Almighty he went on,


It was a tremendous shock to the nation,

The first time that a sitting president,

Whilst in throne we get the death event.

3. From nineteen fifty nine,

Up to twenty-twenty one,

From a humble beginning to glory,

President Magufuli lived a life of victory.

4. At Chato village he was born,

At Chato Primary school he began,

From primary school to college,

He aptly pursued knowledge.

5. Majoring in mathematics and chemistry,

A pure scientist in practice and theory.

As a secondary teacher he commenced,

At Sengerema secondary school he worked.

6. Then he became an industrial chemist,

Practising what in his heart was the lust,

At Nyanza Cooperative Union he commenced,

For six years he performed.

7. In ninety five he took the political saddle,

By becoming the Chato MP with a candle,

A deputy Minister for works he became,

Then becoming a full minister of the same.

8. He was also appointed to other ministries,

From Lands to Livestock and Fisheries,

Then back to Works and Transport,

Becoming the bulldozer for his efforts.

9. On the sunrise of the fifth November twenty fifteen,

John Magufuli was expected to be seen,

When he will take oath as the fifth President,

Promising us a good precedent.

10. Four main things covered his term,

The first is increase in government income,

By cutting unnecessary spending,

And improving government income generating.

11. Second is government administration,

Any person who was in contravention,

From what he was employed to perform,

He stood the possibility of publicly facing the shame.

12. Third is major investments in the country,

Covering roads, bridges and hydro electricity,

Hospitals, schools, courts and vocational institutions,

Enhancing people’s health and education.

13. Fourth and most important,

Is the unity that we all want,

Uniting the differences amongst us,

Giving us religious and tribal bonus.

14. President Magufuli was a human being,

Making trial and errors as he was working,

Just as the previous presidents before him,

Corrections were made at the brim.

15. After the saddest news was received,

That our Nation is bereaved,

To the Lord Almighty the President has gone.

A dark spot covered our nation.

16. To the First Lady we convey condolences,

We pray for their tolerance and patience,

What was given has been taken,

We pray that he rests in heaven.

17. Now comes the sunrise of our new leader,

Madam Samia Suluhu Hassan has taken over,

The first woman president in our nation,

Urging us to be together to condone.

18. It is fortunate that her mother gave her birth,

It was on January the Twenty Seventh,

Nineteen sixty is the year to reckon,

Our new President was then born.

19. Our President keeps breaking our record,

The first woman Vice President onboard,

Now the first woman president at the helm,

We pray for her to perform.

20. Her husband also breaks the record pronounced,

The first gentleman to be announced,

Our nation moves forward,

Fully appreciating manhood.

21. As we pray for our past President to rest in peace,

We also pray for the new President’s work to commence,

President Magufuli’s goods shouldn’t be interred in his bones,

President Samia Suluhu Hassan must perform them from hereon.

Captain Ibrahim Mbiu Bendera is an advocate of the High Court of Tanzania Email: [email protected]