Top regions in Form Four exam results

Saturday January 16 2021
Result pic

Dr Charles Msonde,

By Louis Kalumbia

Dar es Salaam. The National Examinations Council of Tanzania (Necta) yesterday said Arusha, Kilimanjaro and Iringa were the three best performing regions in the just-released Certificate of Secondary Education Examination (CSEE) results.

The council also named Lindi, Mwanza and Arusha as the three regions that have improved their passing rates in the CSEE results for the last three consecutive years.

Necta also named 10 councils that have performed well in the 2020 CSEE results and 10 others that have improved their passing rates for the last three consecutive years.

The CSEE results released by Necta yesterday show that candidates’ passing rate has increased by 5.19 percent as compared to 2019.

Similarly, announcing the results Necta’s executive secretary Charles Msonde said the quality of passing has increased by 3.09 percent.

Dr Msonde said Arusha Region, which has 230 secondary schools, has toped other regions for its best performance followed by Kilimanjaro and Iringa regions that have 319 and 165 secondary schools respectively.


He said Lindi Region has toped regions that have improved passing rates in the last three consecutive years with an average of 4.28 percent.

“Lindi is followed by Mwanza and Arusha regions with the passing rates of 3.66 percent and 3.58 percent respectively,” he said.

According to Necta, the Grade Point Average (GPA) (and respective years in brackets) for Lindi was 3,8449 (2020); 3.9902 (2019) and 4.1967 (2018), while Mwanza had 3.5973 (2020); 3.7932 (2019) and 3.8766 in (2018).

Furthermore, report shows that the GPA (and respective years in brackets) for Arusha as 3.5274 (2020), 3.7125 (2019) and 3.7945 (2018).

According to Necta, Bagamoyo Council in Coast Region that has 20 secondary schools toped other councils across the country for best performance in the CSEE, followed by Bukoba MC in Kagera Region that has 31 secondary schools.

Other councils (with their respective regions and number of schools in brackets) are Meru (Arusha-58); Njombe TC (Njombe-26); Bariadi TC (Simiyu-16) and Kibondo (Kigoma-22).

Others are Moshi (Kilimanjaro-23); Kibaha (Coast-38); Moshi DC (Kilimanjaro-95) and Mtwara Municipality (Mtwara-20).

Councils that have improved their passing rates in the last three consecutive years (their respective regions and average of their increment in brackets) are Madaba (Ruvuma-7.16pc); Liwale (Lindi-5.61pc); Moshi MC (Kilimanjaro-5.16pc); Kibaha (Coast-5.13pc) and Nsimbo (Katavi-5.07pc).

Others: Tandahimba (Mtwara-4.90pc); Misungwi (Mwanza-4.80pc); Masasi Town Council (Mtwara-4.71pc); Iringa (Iringa-4.67pc) and Kwimba (Mwanza-4.64pc).