Widow speaks out over brutal death of husband

Thursday October 14 2021
Widow PIC

Ubungo District Commissioner Heri James (left) comforts Marietha Richard, the wife of Kelvin Mowo, who was the Mbezi Msumi Ward executive officer who was stabbed to death while on duty. PHOTO | ERICKY BONIPHACE

By Aurea Simtowe
By Julius Maricha

Dar es Salaam. The wife of Kelvin Mowo, the immediate former Mbezi Msumi Street executive officer in Dar es Salaam Region, has spoken out about her slain husband.

Mr Mowo was allegedly killed inside his office at 11.50am on Monday while trying to solve a land dispute, according to police.

Ms Marietha Richard, through her Facebook account, has posted her sad message expressing the agony of losing her husband and how grief-stricken she is.

“I had better nursed you in sickness, is it really true my husband, Kelvin, you have left me a widow?” posted Marietha. How am I going to tell our child? Is it really true that you are now called ‘the late Kelvin Costa Mowo?’ No. No…it is too early!”

The pregnant Marietha expressed her sadness, saying that her husband could not wish to wait and see their expected baby that he would have given a nice name.

“My beloved husband, you fondly respected me and we lived like children. Wake up my daddy, Kelvin, you said goodbye to me in the morning while wanting me to hide our child not to see you when leaving for work. Alas! You did not want to say goodbye to your child.” Ms Marietha further posted.


She also posted another sms at noon on the fateful day to her husband, requesting the deceased to buy necessities upon his return home - unaware at the time that Mr Mowo had already been killed.

Ms Marietha claimed that she was writing those SMSs while trembling before posting them, adding that she was unbelievably asking herself whether her husband was reading them.

Narrating how the killings occurred to The Citizen on Tuesday, an eye witness, Ms Ziana Mohammed, said she had gone to the office to get an introduction letter to take to the Police so she could report on a theft that had happened in her home.

While inside the office, waiting for the letter from Mr Mowo, four young men arrived wanting to also to get services from the same officer [Kelvin]. After a time, Ms Mohammed said, one of them complained that it was taking too long to serve them.

“At that time, Kelvin allowed them in even as it emerged they had to wait for one lady who had informed them that she would arrive at the office in 10 minutes,” she explained.

Then, suddenly, one of the four struck Mr Mowo with a sharp object causing blood to gush out freely in the office.

“After the incident, three of the four started running away but the one who had struck Kelvin with a sharp object walked away slowly without showing any fear. I called for help but my blood pressure rose suddenly causing me to faint,” she said. Police have since arrested three people in connection with the killing. Mr Mowo will be laid to rest at Kondo Bahari Beach Cemetery in the city.