2020 saw a marked fall in crime, accidents, says IGP

Tuesday January 05 2021

Inspector General of Police Simon Sirro addresses a news conference in Dar es Salaam yesterday. With him are senior police officers. PHOTO | ERICKY BONIPHACE

By Alfred Zacharia

Dar es Salaam. Inspector Genera of Police Simon Sirro said yesterday that crimes and road accidents decreased markedly over the past year.

He said crimes and accidents had decreased by 34 and 20 percent respectively during the 2020 calendar year.

Briefing journalists in Dar es Salaam yesterday soon after the traffic police annual review meeting, Mr Sirro said the achievement were due to technical strategies by the police force, enforcement of the laws and public awareness regarding to crime and road safety.

“We planned to reduce road accidents by 50 percent, but we managed to reach 34 percent,” he said without detailing the numbers.

January to October 2020

However, The Citizen has recently interviewed the traffic police commander, Mr Wilbrod Mutafungwa, who said from January to October 2020, a total of 954 deaths and 1696 injuries were caused by road accidents compared with 1,248 deaths and 2,462 injuries caused by road accident in January to December 2019.


“Our major task is protect people and their properties. We plan to reduce criminal offences and traffic accidents in 2021,” Mr Sirro said yesterday.

The police force boss said that despite the achievements, the security organ is still lacking customer care qualities and ethics.

“We still receiving many cases and grievances from civilians and customers (vehicle owners) that most of police officers are not ethical particularly, corruption, and they provide poor services,” he said

His mission for 2021 is to make sure that ethics and customer care issues are well considered every day.

In another development IGP Sirro said the situation of the Tanzania’s border with Mozambique violence is currently good with the security organs from both countries are jointly working together to maintain peace and security to people and their properties.

In February this year, the group attacked security forces and civilians in Cabo Delgado, killing people, destroying property and seizing fire-arms and ammunition.

“We are trying our best to maintain peace and security in Mtwara border while some unfaithful people trying to mess with us,” he said, insisting the parents to raise well their children to not engage in such tragic behaviors and groups.

In November 2020, Tanzania’s government teamed up with Mozambique to launch a joint operation against violent attacks by Islamist militants along their shared border.