Author Kumar Singh announces release of new book

Thursday July 30 2020
By The Citizen Reporter

Dar es Salaam. Author and public speaker Indrabhuwan Kumar Singh has announced the release `his new book, one that looks new ways on how individuals can transform themselves.

The book titled, ‘The New Ways of Self Transformation: A Guide to new systematic behavioral change’ delivers a proven program of mastering habits, mindsets and other internal processes, which then delivers the ability to quickly and painlessly anyone to change their unwanted habits to new and wanted habits.

 “You have what it takes to unlock the power of your mind for a truly extraordinary life experience of your choice,” says Mr Singh.

 He adds: Once you master the internal world, the external world is hardly a problem at all. You deserve to be happy and The New Ways of Self Transformation delivers a tried and true, proven pathway to happiness.

According to the author, some of the topics covered in the new book include: Personal productivity, personal social development, and professional and leadership development, among others.

Others are, it’s the development of skills that benefit human capital, employability, improve quality of life, promoting the realization of dreams and aspirations; and much more.


The book which is now available on Amazon Kindle has already attracted early feedback from readers.

 “I read ‘The New Ways of Self Transformation' at exactly the right moment in my life. I was totally feeling overwhelmed at work and in my personal life and I needed a plan to follow to help me regain some stability. This beautiful book delivered all of that and more. Within days of applying what Indrabhuwan teaches things begun to turn around. Fully recommended,” write  Gillsant J. from Tanzania, who gave the book a five star review.