Bishop Rweyongeza calls for improvement of curriculum

Monday April 22 2019

Kayanga Diocese Bishop Almachius Rweyongeza

Dar es Salaam. Kayanga Diocese Bishop Almachius Rweyongeza has said relaxing pass marks is not a measure of quality education.

According to him, it is high time Tanzania considered coming up with an improved curriculum, which would warrant quality education.

“We have witnessed changes in curriculum for students to acquire certificates only, not life skills. So, looking forward, we will be a strange nation,” the good Bishop said.

The Bishop made the remarks when delivering a homily on Sunday, April 21, 2019, during the Easter mass, which was held at Saint George Church in Kayanga Diocese, Karagwe District, Kagera Region.

Preaching during the live broadcast mass, Bishop Rweyongeza said if the curriculum does not change the youth who are prepared to become the country’s experts in industries and other sectors will end up becoming casual laborers in their own country.

Bishop Rweyongeza said after independence, the founding father of the nation, Julius Nyerere revealed three enemies of the nation namely ignorance, poverty and diseases.


“But, let us ask ourselves, which resources and methods has the country used to fight ignorance and diseases to get the true peace and development?” he questioned, adding.

“In a certain university newsletter, one writer wrote that when you want to destroy any nation, you are not required to use nuclear weapons instead destroy its education systems,” the Bishop quoted the writer.

He continued: “Allow the ignorant to be seen they have passed to proceed for higher education and results for that will be seen in the next few years.

 “After the ignorant students have graduated and awarded worthless certificates, patients will start dying in the hands of doctors and nurses, buildings will be collapsing as engineers watch, money will go missing in the hands of economists and fraudsters and humanity will disappear at the face of clerics. Therefore, playing with education means playing with the county’s peace and tranquility.”