Bodaboda riders invade funeral, destroy mourners’ food, beer in Kilimanjaro

Tuesday May 04 2021
Boda pic
By Fina Lyimo

Moshi. It is an incident that sounds bad but one with some vital lessons to humankind.

In a rather bizarre incident, over 40 motorcycle taxi riders – who are popularly known as bodabodas – stormed a funeral on Monday, May 3, 2021 and poured all food on the floor and traditional beer that was meant for mourners.

The incident came shortly after the body of deceased, Lenard Abel (20), had been interred at his Kyou Village which is located at Kilema North, Moshi District in Kilimanjaro.

Eye witnesses say the bodaboda riders arrived at the funeral at around 3:30pm on Monday. They went straight to the kitchen at a time when preparation food and traditional beer, commonly known as Mbege, was in final stages before being served to mourners.

Some irate bodaboda riders could be heard saying: “There was no reason of preparing food and beer at the funeral of someone whom you denied such services when he was alive,” said an eye witness, Ms Lucy Lyimo.

She said irate youths also dispersed the chairs and tables that had been prepared for mourners during dinning time.   


“It seemed like they had planned for it. They invaded the area at a time when the chairman of the clan was issuing a timetable that was to be followed during the dinning time,” she said.

After concluding the exercise, they lit candles and took them to the grave yard while singing.

The Kyou Village chairman, Paul Lyimo confirmed the incident, saying they disappeared after lighting the candles and leaving the funeral.