Brigadier General Mbungo rings major changes in PCCB reshuffle

Wednesday January 13 2021
PCCB pix

PCCB's director general Brigadier General John Mbungo

By Louis Kalumbia

Dar es Salaam. The Prevention and Combating of Corruption Bureau (PCCB) has on Wednesday, January 13, announced major reshuffles of its directors, investigators and regional commanders aimed at improving efficiency.

In the reshuffles, new directors have been named, investigators named new regional commanders while some regional commanders has been transferred to new stations and others will be assigned other duties at the bureau’s headquarters.

 “Already made and on-going reshuffles should be well known to the public in order to ensure their information reaches the intended persons,” said Brig General Mbungo.

In the changes,  Mr Isdory Kyando who was Manyara PCCB regional commander becomes the new investigations director and the custodian of the position would be assigned other duties at the headquarters.

Ms Neema Mwakalyelye becomes the new director of Information and Communications Technology (ICT), as Ms Leonarda Ngaiza and Mr Malimi Mifuko were named as the new directors of internal control and director of rights supervision respectively.

According to him, Mr Hamza Mwenda and Ms Yustina Chagaka who served as PCCB commanders in Rukwa and Ruvuma regions respectively have exchanged their work stations.


“Ms Domina Mkama has been transferred to become the new PCCB boss in Iringa region from Njombe, while Ms Frida Wikesi, a senior investigator at the headquarters becomes the new Kilimanjaro regional commander,” said Brigadier Gen Mbungo.

He said a senior investigator at the PCCB  head office, Mr Kassim Ephrem becomes the new Kilimanjaro regional boss, while the Mara regional commander Alex Kuhanda has been recalled to the bureau’s headquarters.

According to him, the Mwanza investigation head Hassan Mossi becomes the PCCB commander in Mara region, while the Lindi regional commander, Mr Stephen Chami has been recalled at the headquarters.

He said Mr Chami is replaced by investigation officer from the headquarters, Mr Abnery Mganga and that the HQs head investigator, Mr Frank Mkilanya becomes the new Mwanza regional commander.

“The Mwanza regional commander Emmanuel Stenga is transferred to headquarters, while the head investigator at the headquarters James Ruge becomes the new Arusha anti-corruption boss,” he said.

He did not give any reasons for those who have been recalled to agency’s headquarters.