Bus owners intend to suspend passenger transport services over E-ticket

Saturday March 06 2021
Taboa pic
By Bakari Kiango

Dar es Salaam. Bus owners have on Saturday stated the intention to suspend passenger transport services if the issue of using Point of Sales (POS) machines is not addressed.

POS machines require owner to deposit a certain amount of money in a SIM card or financial services agent depending on the bus’ passenger estimates. For example, if a bus carries 50 passengers for a fare of Sh30,000, the owner is required to deposit Sh1.5 million.

However, at different times some owners have complained about the system saying it is not friendly to the use of these buses claiming it has serious shortcomings that cause them to incur losses.

As a result, on Saturday, March 6, 2021, the Tanzania Bus Owners Association (Taboa), convened an emergency meeting to discuss the system and a large percentage of the members have decided  that they will  park their buses if the issue is not addressed.

Some have called on the Land Transport Regulatory Authority (Latra) to abandon the system and instead of providing guidance for owners to use EFD machines provided by the Tanzania Revenue Authority (TRA).

Although they did not spell out the timing of the implementation of the process of parking their buses, they wanted Latra to address the issue, saying that since its inception they have been suffering huge losses which have led to inefficiency.


“This is a tragedy we have to find other machines like the ones used by traders. If this system continues I will pay my workers their dues and then I will park my buses because there is no way I can continue running business like this, ”said Max Komba, a representative of Tavavili buses.

In 2017 Taboa special general assembly decided to stop transportation activities, protesting a law that was about to be passed  claiming it did not involve stakeholders and did not separate driver and owner offenses, a situation that led to a driver's mistake leading to imprisonment of the bus owner.