CCM lawmaker speaks about “pneumonia” killing Tanzanians

Thursday February 11 2021
kupumua pic

Zacharia Isaay

By Habel Chidawali

Dodoma. A Tanzanian lawmaker on Thursday expressed concerns over what he termed as growing deaths from “pneumonia,” asking the government to openly explain the disease.

Zacharia Isaay (Mbulu Urban-CCM) more people were dying from respiratory challenges in his constituency.

Mr Isaay was given a chance to contribute in the debate about the next development plan but he instead decided to speak about the health situation in his constituency where he claimed to frequently travel for burials.

“Let the government avoid stammering about this while people are vanishing in my constituency. I’m tired of funerals and even today, they are burying a child of a ward councilor. Sometimes I go there without notifying you Mr Speaker,” said Mr Isaay.

He said people were dying from similar symptoms of respiratory difficulties, warning that the situation may become worse.

"Just yesterday I went to Benjamin Mkapa Hospital (in Dodoma) for testing and I was told that all gas cylinders were in use…a lot of people are sick. Now, I decided to speak about this openly. If there are people who will take offense, it’s up to them but I have spoken about this.”


He also asked the government to see how to improve the supply of traditional medicines which he said were still expensive.