Confusion after Nida equipment is stolen in Arusha

Tuesday January 07 2020
Nida pic

Dar es Salaam. Mystery surrounds the circumstances through which National Identification Agency (Nida) processing equipment were stolen in Arusha, especially with deadline for registration of Sim Cards only 13 days away.

What is even more puzzling is that there was no sign of forced entry or break in at the premises located in Arumeru.

The equipment that have gone missing include two cameras, camera stands, two laptops, a computer, keypad, and plug extension.

Arumeru district commissioner, Jerry Muro has issued a three-day ultimatum for the equipment’s to be returned.

He said, it was astonishing for the equipment’s to have been stolen without any signs of breaking in. The tools worth Sh7 million were stolen while stored at Arusha DC building.

This is despite security officers guarding the building 24 hours with the adjacent b uilding housing two banks which are guarded by police officers.


The DC, Mr  Muro for swift action by the saying that  police who were on duty had been taken into custody for interrogation.

Head of Nida in Arumeru District, Neema Nkya said she discovered the theft when she arrived at the office on Monday morning.

“This is a huge stumbling block for Arumeru residents who were in the process of acquiring their national IDs,” she said.