Controversy as Speaker Ndugai continues to defend expelled 19 Chadema MPs

Monday May 03 2021
Ndugai pic

National Assembly Speaker Job Ndugai.

By The Citizen Reporter

Dodoma. Speaker of Parliament Job Ndugai has today said that he is not obliged by any law to state when he will expel 19 Chadema special seat MPs from the House.

Ndugai has called on 19 Special Seat MPs (Chadema) to continue with their work because they are in safe hands, this is despite calls for them leave parliament due to their illegal status since they were expelled by their party.

Speaker Ndugai told parliament that there were issues to be considered before dismissing the MPs while warning parties to stop harassing women.

The speaker told parliament today immediately after the question-and-answer session where he discussed how leaders should write letters to him.

"The secretaries should learn to write to me, you can't write me a piece of paper like this and then you expect  me to fire 19 MPs, that's not my job at all, you MPs continue to work because you are in safe hands," said Ndugai.

However, he said the MPs were yet to be heard by the party's General Assembly, therefore, he cannot expel people who were yet to defend themselves.