Expelled Chadema MPs yet to file appeals

Friday December 04 2020
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Chadema Protocol, Communications and Foreign Affairs director John Mrema

Dar es Salaam. Chadema yesterday said 19 sacked members have so far not filed any appeal, despite expressing intention of filing petitions at the party’s national council.
Party’s Protocol, Communications and Foreign Affairs director John Mrema made the statement in a public notice issued to clarify three issues contained in the ex-Chadema youth wing (Bawacha) chairperson, Ms Halima Mdee, during the group press conference held last Tuesday.
Mr Mrema also clarified issues of security threats that the 19 faced the day they were summoned for the Central Committee (CC) meeting and the time extension request for them to respond to allegations they were facing.
Expelled members alongside Ms Mdee are, vice chairperson Hawa Mwaifunga, national secretary Grace Tendega, deputy secretary general Jesca Kishoa, ex-Parliamentary Public Accounts Committee (PAC) chairperson Nagenjwa Kaboyoka and Chadema chairperson for Mtwara Region Tunza Malapo.
Others are Cecilia Pareso; Sophia Mwakagenda; Anatropia Theonest; Salome Makamba; Stella Fiao; Agnesta Kaiza; Hawa Mwaifunga; Felista Njau; Kunti Majala; Asia Mohamed, Conchesta Rwamulaza as well as ex-Bunda and Tarime Urban MPs Ester Bulaya and Esther Matiko.
Bavicha national secretary  Nusrat Hanje, who had been in remand for 133 days and only released on the eve of their swearing in was also sacked.
But, yesterday, Mr Mrema said in the notice that since no petition had been filled by the sacked members allegedly for taking oaths as Special Seats MPs contrary to the party procedures, the CC decisions stands intact.
“The decision to strip off leadership positions and membership will continue. All members and authorities should respect the resolution unless invalidated by the national council after respective persons file petitions and later get endorsed,” he says.
Regarding claims that there were some CC members who mobilised party members to inflict chaos to the 19 former members, Mr Mrema said no complaints or evidence was communicated to the party on the matter before the meeting.
He said when the ex-MPs wrote letters expressing security concerns; the CC meeting was rescheduled to the Ledger Plaza Bahari Beach Hotel from the party’s headquarters in order to give them more freedom to express themselves.
“Therefore, security concerns have been used as an excuse against their decision to evade defending themselves before the CC meeting,” he says in the notice.
Furthermore, he says the ex-members were informed in writing to appear before the CC and table their requests for the meeting to be pushed forward in order for members to contemplate and decide.
However, it should be noted that the CC has been vested with powers and authority through Regulation 6.5.1(d) to carry emergency measures regardless of 14 days stated in the constitution, except that the said alleged person will have the rights to be summoned for the meeting.

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