Fake electronic tax stamps to land five Kilimanjaro businesspeople in trouble

Wednesday January 27 2021
By Janeth Joseph

Same. Authorities in Kilimanjaro will take legal action against five businesspeople for their alleged use of fake Electronic Tax Stamps (ETS).

The fake stamps, bearing the Tanzania Revenue Authority (TRA) emblem, were being stamped on liquor to dupe imbibers and evade tax payment.

A tax administration officer, Mr Odupai Papaa said during a meeting with members of the business community in Same, Kilimanjaro that authorities will leave no stone unturned in the endeavor to ensure that those tampering with tax collection systems were brought to book. 

“Following the exercise that we are currently undertaking here in Kilimanjaro, we have identified that some businesspeople evade tax by making use of fake electronic stamps. We will take relevant measures against those that we have identified,” he warned.

He said authorities were making use of special equipment to identify the culprits who were depriving the government of its revenues through partnership with their large scale business associates.

“With the equipment, we are able to effectively detect fake and genuine stamps. It was through the equipment that we were able to identify that there are businesspeople who evade tax through fake stamps,” he said.


“We have identified the five and we will take legal action against them for evading tax,” he added.

He said through the ongoing exercise in Kilimanjaro, the taxman has also established that some businesspeople were also evading tax payment through the use of special identity cards (IDs) that were meant for petty traders.

“At some point, we came across a businessman who lives in a house for which he pays Sh200,000 in monthly rental costs yet the only tax he pays to TRA from his business for a three-month period is Sh45,000,” he said.

Some members of the business community here said there were being forced to engage in some illegal means due to the fact that they were not making enough profits as they used to do in the past.

“On a serious note, businesses are not making enough profits nowadays. In the endeavor to remain in business, some of our colleagues end up engaging themselves in illegal acts,” said Eliasante Ngolo, thanking TRA for arranging a meeting with them.