Full report on ghost workers to be released by end of week

Sunday August 21 2016
pic ghost workers

The minister of State in the President’s Office (Public Service Management and Good Governance), Ms Angellah Kairuki, briefs journalists at a press conference in Dar es Salaam yesterday on the ongoing exercise to remove ghost workers from the government payroll. PHOTO|SALIM SHAO

Dar es Salaam. Public institutions have until next Friday to submit reports on investigations they have conducted on ghost workers, according to the Minister of State in the President’s Office (Public Service Management and Good Governance), Ms Angela Kairuki.

Briefing reporters at her office in Dar es Salaam yesterday, Ms Kairuki noted that the date was the deadline that President John Magufuli had given. She noted that in the coming few days she would hand over the final report on ghost workers to President Magufuli, where as this would comprise reports filed by all public institutions ordered to conduct the audit.

“Those who will not present their reports by the set date should know that they will be penalised,” she said noting, however, that what will befall them would be determined by the one who had ordered the public servants audit.

She said that as of yesterday, her office had received reports from 264 out of 409 institutions. She noted that out of those which have been presented their reports, 63 institutions indicated that they did not have ghost workers.

Ms Kairuki explained that so far 145 institutions have not submitted information on ghost workers.

But she noted that some of institutions which have presented their reports have omitted some important facts, rendering their reports weak.


She noted that out of the reports which her office has received, there were 16,137 ghost workers, who were pocketing about Sh16.1 billion every month. “This is a very serious problem. Apart from occasioning financial loss to the government, these also caused things not to move they way they should in government,” she said.

She revealed that immediately after the final report is handed over to the President, officials from her office would make unannounced visits to various institutions in a bid to cross-check whether they tally with the information handed in the reports.

She said they will work together with Rita, Nida, PCCB, and National Examination Council of Tanzania (Nacte) during verification.