IGP orders one-month operation across the country

Tuesday June 08 2021
IGP Sirro pic


By Bethsheba Wambura

Dar es Salaam. The Inspector General of Police (IGP), Simon Sirro has directed a one-month operation across the country to identify loopholes in crimes and criminals.

He said a week-long operation in Dar es Salaam had proved successful after they seized firearms and criminals involved in various incidents.

IGP Sirro said was speaking at a meeting to assess the achievements and challenges of the operation which was held in Dar es Salaam Region.

“We have been very successful, we have caught many firearms and many criminals have been arrested, but I have also spoken to local government chairpersons and all Dar es Salaam ward officials,"

“Today we have completed a one-week operation, tomorrow we will start another one-month operation across the country," he said.

In addition, IGP Sirro said in other regions such as Tarime and Rorya there has been great success.


In another development, IGP Sirro has instructed Police Commanders to conduct a road safety operation against all vehicles that do not meet the roadworthiness criteria to ensure the safety of road users.

“There have been road traffic offences as you heard the news of Shinyanga and Mbeya accidents, so we will start operations to inspect all vehicles and this will be conducted across the country,” IGP Sirro said.