Julius Nyerere Hydroelectric Power Project using 1970 feasibility study

Thursday April 08 2021
By Elias Msuya

Dar es Salaam. Tanzania Electricity Supply Corporation (Tanesco) has failed to update all aspects of the feasibility study conducted earlier in the construction of the Mwalimu Nyerere Dam Power Project (JNHPP), according to the Auditor General's report.

Instead, Tanesco relied on feasibility studies conducted in the 1970 and 1972 by  Norwegian company M / S Norconsult.

The agency is also using a project plan and technical investigation report conducted by M / S Hafslund and M / s Norplan (both from Norway) which updated the feasibility study features in 1980.

"Factors that have not been reviewed and revitalized include the economic and financial research of the project, availability of water surveys and sustainable project management," the report said.

The report said senior Tanesco officials who spoke to the CAG pointed out that a feasibility study conducted in the 1970s showed that the project was technically, economically and financially feasible.

“The officials added that due to the urgency of starting the project, the preliminary research reports could not be reviewed to revive them. ”


The report said the revitalization was required in accordance with the Electricity Act of 2008, the National Irrigation Act of 2013, the Water Resources Management Act of 2009 and the Environmental Management Act of 2004.