Justina Gerald, the best girl in Form Four 2020 who wants to become an engineer

Friday January 15 2021
Justina pic
By Elias Msuya

Dar es Salaam. Justina Gerald (15) of Canossa High School on Thursday January 15, claimed a position of the best Girl in the 2020 Form Four exam, a position she held four years ago when she sat for her Standard Seven exams.

And just like four years ago, apart from being the Best girl she was the second overall and the best in her school.  She attributes her success to putting God first in her studies and in almost everything she does.

"First and foremost, was put God first in everything, it is also to setting clear and achievable goals and make sure I implement them, but beside I also worked closely with my classmates and teachers and parents," says the 15-year-old Justina.

Justina is setting her sight on becoming an engeneer with her target being the oil and gas industry because she believes it is an area where Tanzania and East Africa in general is yet to exploit.

 “I want to be an engineer because for a developing nation like Tanzania we still need such professionals to grow our economy,” Justina says with enthusiasm  

Her guardian, Ibrahim Bakari say that Justina began showing early signs of success as young girl when she was at Tusiime Primary School in Tabata, Dar es Salaam.


“She was the best girl at the Standard Seven exams and the third nationally. Even during her graduation she was on top of her class after scoring exceptionally in most subjects,” says Mr Bakari.

He adds: She is a kid who always loved reading on her own and because she has always been in boarding school she knows how manage her time,” says  Bakari who is Justina’s  step-father.