Lion that killed three children in Ngorongoro to be relocated

Saturday August 07 2021
Lion pic
By Mussa Juma

Arusha.  A lion, that is believed to have killed and eaten three children from the same family at Ngoile Primary School, Orbalbal Ward, Ngorongoro District, Arusha Region, is expected to be relocated away from human settlements.
The lion, that is among the Lions involved in the good neighborhood project  in the Ngorongoro Conservation Area project (KopeLion), has a VHF collar that helps monitor all its activities
The lion on Tuesday night killed and ate three children who were identified as  Ndoskoy Sangau(9),Sangau Metui (10)and  Sanka Saning'o(10) with Kiyambwa Namuyata(11)escaping with several injuries from the wild cat.

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Speaking to The Citizen, the Coordinator for the Kope Lion project which aims at reducing conflicts between pastoralists living within the Ngorongoro Conservation Area and lions, William Oleseki said the incident was a unique one and it was the first time it has happened.
"First of all let me admit that the children were killed by one of the lions in our Lions project (KopeLion). We have never seen anything like this despite the fact that a group of lions have been in the area for more than three years now," he said.
In the incidents recorded before lions usually invade settlements and attack domestic animals but rarely do they attack human beings.
According to Oleseki, the lion involved was not new in the Ngorongoro and that plans were underway by the authorities to move the wild cat away from human settlements.
He said in the project they have 25 young people who have been trained to monitor the lions whenever they are in areas used by the community and provide information on their presence.
The Ngorongoro Conservation Area was started in 1959.