Lions kill three children in the Ngorongoro Conservation Area

Thursday August 05 2021
lione pic
By Mussa Juma

Arusha. Three Ngoile primary school pupils have been killed by a lion in Orbalbal ward in Ngorongoro District in Arusha Region.

The children were searching their cattle that had got lost in the Ngorongoro Conservation Area .

Information from Ngorongoro Conservation Area said that another child was seriously injured by the wild cat.

Ngoile primary school head teacher, Lobulu Meeje told The Citizen that all three pupils were from the same family.

Meeje named the dead pupils as Ndoskoy Sangau, Sangau Metui and Sangau Kadonyo while Kiyambwa Namuyata escaped with multiple injuries.

“Information I have, after school session they were told that their cattle had got lost and they started to search before they were attacked by lion’’ said the head teacher from Ngoile primary school


Meeje added that lions ate the boys’ flesh and only left skulls.

It is said that before they were killed, two of them climbed trees while trying to escaping.