Lissu to focus on service delivery, economic growth

Wednesday September 02 2020
lissu pix
By The Citizen Reporter

Mwanza. The Chadema Presidential candidate, Mr Tundu Lissu said here yesterday that if elected, his administration will undertake a raft measures in the endeavour to improve delivery of social services and to grow the economy.

The Chadema-led government will do everything possible to boost the role of fishermen in Tanzania’s economic growth efforts while at the same time, turning Mwanza into a trade hub for the entire Lake Zone and the neighbouring countries of Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda and Burundi.

Mr Lissu will also revive the Mwanza Cooperative Union, Mr Lissu told a public rally at Furahisha grounds here yesterday.

“Presently, most fishermen have been impoverished because some had their fishing gears set on fire,” he said.

He said his administration will turn Mwanza into the trading hub in the region by reducing what he said were high tax rates that traders were being exposed to.

“Traders were benign subjected to unrealistic tax estimates which they fail to pay and they end up closing their businesses,” he said.


Cotton, which is an important economic crop for Lake Zone residents, will receive enough subsidies to boost its growing when Mr Lissu is elected President of Tanzania.

He said his government will build special markets where petty traders, commonly known as Machingas, will be conducting their businesses there.

His government, he said, will focus on creating an enabling environment for the private sector to thrive. “We will focus on raising incomes of individuals so they can pay the right tax. The tax rates will be those that they can afford to pay,” he said, noting that farmers will receive their cash as soon as they sell their produce.

He said if elected, his government will ensure that every Tanzanian has access to quality health services through a universal health insurance.

Earlier, the Chadema national chairman, Mr Freeman Mbowe said the fact that a crowd had gathered attend the party’s public rally at Furahisha grounds was evidence of the growing popularity of opposition in Tanzania.

Commenting on the peace and stability in the country, Mr Mbowe said it was the result of the patience and patriotism of leaders and members of opposition parties who, despite being denied the right to engage in politics, continued to calm the public. One of the notable names at the party’s rally was former Member of Parliament for Nyamagana, Mr Ezekia Wenje.

When it was his time to speak, Mr Wenje, who is running for a parliamentary seat for Rorya Constituency in Mara, pleaded with the voters to elect the opposition party’s aspirants in the October 28, 2020 General Election.

Written by Peter Saramba, Jesse Mikofu, Sada Amir, Kaitira Mgongo and Saddam Saddick