Math, science still an uphill battle for Tanzanian pupils

Monday November 23 2020
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The Executive Secretary of National Examination Council of Tanzania, Dr Charles Msonde,

Dar es Salaam. Pass rate  in the just-announced Standard Seven examination results has improved in Kiswahili, English Language and Social Sciences subjects by between 0.43 percent and 5.10 percent as compared to 2019.

However, Mathematics and Science remained to be tough subjects to Tanzanian pupils after a slight decline ranging between 0.33 percent and 0.65 percent as compared to 2019.

Candidates have recorded better performance in Kiswahili as compared to other subjects by 87.68 percent, while English Language was the least well performed subject after recording 57.24 percent as compared to other subjects.

>>Standard VII full result open here

The new trend was unveiled yesterday by the National Examination Council of Tanzania (Necta) executive secretary, Dr Charles Msonde, when announcing the 2020 Primary School Leaving Examination (PSLE) results.

“This year 835,361 out of 1,008,278 candidates, which is equivalent to 82.85 percent passed science exams this year as compared to 83.50 percent of 932,146 pupils who scored between Grade A and C last year,” he said.


In the mathematics subject, 651,703 pupils passed the examination out of 1,008,278 candidates equaling to 64.64 percent which is 0.33 percent down as compared to 64,97 percent of 932,136 pupils who passed last year.


NAME                                                 SCHOOL           REGION

HERRIETH JOSEPHAT                   GRAIYAKI            MARA

FATUMA ISMAIL                            TWIBHOKI            MARA


MEDIANA YUSUPH                        TWIBHOKI           MARA

ASSIA IDDY                                     TWIBHOKI           MARA

RAHAB MARWA                             TWIBHOKI           MARA

ALAMOKA SANGA                        RWEKIZA             KAGERA

MARIA EDSON                              RWEIKIZA            KAGERA

CAREEN KATAMURU                   GRAIYAKI              MARA

JANETH MAJULA                        SAMANDITO         GEITA

According to Necta, 81.73 percent of 1,008,278 pupils scored between grade A and C in Social Sciences  this year, which is 5.10 percent higher compared to 76.63 percent of 932,158 candidates who passed last year.

“Passing in the Kiswahili subject increased by 0.43 percent this year compared to 2019 as 884,034 of 1,008,278 candidates scored between Grade A and C,” said Dr Msonde.

While the percentage of candidates who scored between Grade D increased in Kiswahili, Mathematics and Science subjects, the number has decreased in the English Language and Social Sciences  subjects.

Similarly, the number of those with Grade E has gone up in the English subject, but decreased in other subjects.


By Louis Kolumbia @Collouis1999

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