MCL inks deal to boost ethical governance

Friday October 22 2021
MCL pic

Mwananchi Communications Ltd (MCL) Managing Director Bakari Machumu (right) and Institute of Directors of Tanzania (IoDT) Executive Director Said Kambi sign a Memorandum of Understanding between the two companies in Dar es Salaam yesterday. MCL publishers Mwananchi, The Citizen and MwanaSpoti and also several oline platforms. PHOTO | SAID KHAMIS

By Rosemary Mirondo

Dar es Salaam. Mwananchi Communications Limited (MCL) yesterday signed a memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Institute of Directors in Tanzania (IoDT) aimed at promoting corporate governance in the former through training and advisory services to directors and senior personnel.

Speaking minutes before the signing ceremony, MCL managing director Bakari Machumu said they had agreed to sign the MoU to widen MCL work performance. This is especially taking into consideration that, among major works that MCL does are pushing for a number of the nation’s agenda that include regional economic integration, the Union between Tanganyika and Zanzibar, as well as good governance and the rule of law.

In view of this, he said, MCL work is always required to be professional - especially given the fact that the company publishes and produces content that touches on the country as well as business and people’s lives.

This means that such content must always meet ethical standards to ensure that it would have positive results for the nation and its people.

“The company is driven by leaders from all levels, including lower, middle and upper who come across challenges that need to be tackled and also ensure they acquire soft skills that will enable them make their staff comfortable in the office while feeling at home - which, ultimately, empowers them to be more productive,” he said.

The IoDT foundation includes accountability, ethical leadership and corporate governance.


For his part, IoDT CEO, Mr Said Kambi, said the company aims at formalising major areas, including bringing professional leadership training, support training, that enables a self-regulated organization, research as well as build bridges between institutions that work together either locally or internationally.

“I congratulate Mr Machumu for his vision, which is to see the company thriving - and that he leaves a mark behind that would cement his noble efforts in building the company,” Mr Kambi said.