Mengi widow Ntuyabaliwe wins reprieve over inheritance verdict

Thursday October 14 2021

Deceased businessman Reginald Mengi and his wife, former Miss Tanzania Jacqueline Ntuyabaliwe. Jacqueline described her marriage with the media mogul as one of total bliss, and Mengi as a sweet loving and caring man. PHOTO|FILE

By Bernard James


They argued, among other things, that the application for revision was incompetent and incurably defective for failing to adhere to the mandatory provisions of the Court of Appeal Rules, 2009.

“There are no essential and certified documents attached to the supporting affidavit and hence incompetent,” they argued.

A lawyer for the respondents argued that there were no documents referred in the supporting affidavit but were not attached to form part of the evidence contained in. He said the court could not rely on such documents to make its decision in the matter.

While admitting the presentation of the application had some shortcomings, the judges said the mere slip was not fatal.

“We as well entertain no doubt that the mode of attachment preferred by the applicant (Ntuyabaliwe) is uncommon. But then again, we think the documents so attached cannot be ignored or reduced to nothing at all to the extent of not considering them,” said Judges Jacobs Mwambegele, Mary Levira and Issa Maige.

Mengi died on May 2, 2019 at a hospital in Dubai, the United Arab Emirates (UAE), where he had gone for a vacation and health checkup. He was accompanied by his wife, Ntuyabaliwe.