Mkapa challenges Tanzania’s universities on quality education

Thursday March 14 2019
Mkapa pic

Morogoro.  Former President Benjamin Mkapa has challenged institutions of higher learning to produce experts who will bring new ideas and knowledge that will spur economic growth of Tanzania. 

Mr Mkapa made the challenge on Wednesday, March 13, during the Silver Jubilee of Jordan University College based here, where he said even though universities have been producing intellectuals, they still face numerous management challenges.  

He said Jordan University College was among higher learning institutions facing operational challenges, one of which being scarcity of competent lecturers, who are most of the time very expensive to afford.  

However, the Thirds Phase government president commended the university college for continuing to deliver by producing experts and intellectuals, most of who come from ordinary families.

The ex-Head of State, who advocated ‘transparency and truth’ during his administration said education remains a key investment and always pays in terms of positively transforming people’s lives and bringing economic development to the country. 

For her part, the minister for Education, Science and Technology, Prof Joyce Ndalichako, said the government recognized the importance of education and that was why it has so far dished out a total of Sh3.388 trillion as study loans to students since the start of the arrangement in the past two decades.  


She admitted that private-run universities have been making huge contributions in terms of higher education and hence the government will continue supporting them so that they will continue providing quality education.

For his part, Morogoro Catholic Diocese Bishop Telesphor Mkude said the existence of the university college in Morogoro has helped to bring people from all corners of the country and beyond, and that was another positive contribution of the institution to the country’s development.