No investor has shown interest to cultivate marijuana says DCEA commissioner

Thursday June 11 2020
marijuana pic

Dodoma. The government has revealed that the country has a law that allows cultivation of marijuana (bhang) for medicinal and scientific research, but surprisingly no one has shown interest to cultivate the crop legally.
The Drug Control and Enforcement Authority (DCEA) Commissioner for Prevention and Treatment Dr Peter Mfisi said this when speaking to the media in Dodoma yesterday.
He was answering a question on why the government was yet to allow commercialization of marijuana in response to plea from the Members of Parliament.
“The law exists and it authorizes the commissioner for drugs to permit cultivation of marijuana for those who farm it for the purpose of herbs and research and not otherwise,” he stressed.
However, he said to allow cultivation of the crop it is mandatory that the Commissioner approves its purpose because it is against the law to grow marijuana for the purpose of smoking.

He noted that those seeking to get approval must showcase how they would ensure it is not used contrary to the plans.
Explaining further, he said that so far there was no investor who had sought a permit to farm the crop and it was not clear whether they were aware the law to do so exists.
Meanwhile while briefing about the drug situation in the country, Deputy Minister for State in the Prime Minister's Office Responsible for Policy, Parliamentary Affairs, Labor, Employment, Youth and the Disabled, Antony Mavunde said the government has succeeded in fighting
drug abuse in 2019.
He said that during that period, Tanzania was able to reduce the importation of drugs while at the same time they were able to seize 55.35 kilograms of heroin, 10.34 kilograms of cocaine, 9.07 tons of mirungi and 21.16 tons of marijuana.
“The drugs involve a least 10,384 culprits whose cases are currently in the courts,” he said.