Premier Kassim Majaliwa weighs in on face masks wearing

Saturday February 20 2021

Prime Minister Kassim Majaliwa.

By The Citizen Reporter

Dar es Salaam. Prime Minister Kassim Majaliwa has said that in order to protect people from the spread of various infectious diseases, wearing a mask is necessary when people are within a distance of one meter to avoid touching saliva from otherpeople

He was speaking on February 20 in Korogwe Tanga at the requiem mass of the chief secretary John Kijazi who was laid to rest at his ancestral home.

"You wear a face mask when you know your activities of the day will lead you to get services or provide services that might require you to be with a distance of less than one meter so that you reduce the danger  getting into contact with another person’s saliva or moisture. No one forbade it. It is important that everyone takes caution, ”said Prime Minister Majaliwa.

He added: We have to verify where these masks come from. It is better to make your own or if the existing one is made in Tanzania, a mask is just a garment that keeps the saliva from coming out.

Mourners Masks

Mourners take holy communion during a farewell service for the Chief Secretary John Kijazi in Korogwe Tanga

He went on to say that the spread of infectious diseases is a war plaguing the world and called on Tanzanians to remain calm because their Government loves them.


"You've heard it all on the social networks, everyone is saying their own. And those with smartphones have seen different nations explaining that this is a war and it is a war that has started with the big nations. We small nations must be careful.”

While praising President John Magufuli for fighting the disease, the Prime Minister urged Tanzanians to take precautions in compliance with health experts’ directives.

"Our President has urged us to continue to follow the health guidelines, people are washing hands, use hand sanitizer, and others are wearing masks.I would like to use this plea to Tanzanians, at a time when the world is in the throes of infectious diseases, let us be calm. We are focused on making sure we monitor the progress of these diseases. We many diseases; we have malaria, we have AIDS, we have BP (high blood pressure) Diabetes and many other diseases, ”he said.

At the mask as opposed to the recent past many mourners were wearing face masks including the bereaved family and the clerics.