President John Magufuli’s last two orders

Thursday March 18 2021
Magufuli1 pic

By Paul Owere

President John Magufuli died on Wednesday, March 17 leaving a record of the last two nostalgic directives that he issued during his tour of Dar es Salaam on February 26.

President Magufuli's first order on Friday, February 26, 2021, he instructed the Prevention and Combating of Corruption Bureau (PCCB)to investigate the Sh12 billion loan provided by CRDB Bank to Temeke Municipal Council.

He issued the order after Temeke Member of Parliament (CCM), Dorothy Kilave asked the Government to help them repay Sh4.8 billion an annual premium plus interest.

"That, the government should repay a loan that was it was not involved in its acquisition, this is rather strange. You went to talk to the bank and obtained the loan and now that you have failed, you want the Government to pay. How many municipalities are there, so that they can take loans, and then the government repays for them. You will carry that on your own, first of all, this is a lack of discipline,” he said.

"No money will be released by the government instead we shall  send investigators to find out how much money is being repaid to the bank, I direct the PCCB  to investigate and I see if there is any form of  corruption involved," said President Magufuli

According to him, it was usual for municipalities to get involved in misappropriation of project funds.


The second order  was  directed towards the minister of Home affairs George Simbachawene to deal  with delays in payments to retirees in the Police Force.

“It is a problem of your superiors in the ministry. I would like to ask the retirees if you are here to blame Simbachawene (George) (Minister of Home Affairs), the Permanent Secretary and his Deputy as well as the directors,” he said.

"Also link him to the IGP Simon Sirro because he has not raised his voice on this one. It is a fact that if retirees want to be paid they will be paid, it cannot take five days, ”added President Magufuli.

President John Magufuli passed away on March 17, 2021, at Mzena Hospital in Dar es Salaam where he was receiving treatment since March 14.