President Magufuli: Stop spreading false information, Dr Mpango is alive

Friday February 19 2021
Magu pix

By Gadiosa Lamtey

Dar es Salaam. President John Magufuli has today called on Tanzanians to stop threatening one another in the process causing panic regarding respiratory diseases, instead,  they should take all necessary precautions and put God first. 

President Magufuli said there were people who were spreading false information that Finance Minister Dr Philip Mpango who was admitted at the Benjamin Mkapa Hospital in Dodoma had died.

“This morning I received a message from him telling me that he was doing well and that his health was improving,” said Magufuli reading a message on his phone.

He said diseases exist and will continue to exist, asking the religious leaders in their respective faiths to pray for the nation so that it can overcome the pandemic just like they did last year.

“Last year we overcame these diseases and this year we will win and therefore there will be no lock-down I want people to stop panicking,” he said.


He was speaking at a requiem mass for fallen Chief Secretary Dr John Kijazi who died on February 17, at the Benjamin Mkapa Hospital in Dodoma where he was receiving treatment.

The mass was held at the Karimjee Grounds in Dar es Salaam.

As opposed to the norm, during the farewell service several people were seen wearing masks including retired President Jakaya Kikwete.

Kijazi died a Hero 

Speaking about Ambassador Kijazi said he died a hero as he was humble the government has lost a very important person, adding Tanzanians should embrace the good things happening in the country.

“I have known Kijazi for many years and he was a good servant, and when I was appointed President I appointed him as the chief secretary and even after he reached retirement age,  I decided to add him two years,” he said

Explaining further, even when analyzing the bills he was doing a good job which was making it easier for the ministers so the government has lost a very important person, adding that as a diplomat he was instrumental improving Tanzania and India diplomatic relations.

“He was older than me but for him it was not a problem he was obedient and sometimes even when I wanted to fire people he would ask me to be patient …to be honest there are many people who have survived because of him and some are even here,” he said