Public full of praise for President Samia’s speech

Tuesday April 06 2021
Investors pic

President Samia Suluhu Hassan.

By The Citizen Reporter

Dar es Salaam. Sections of the public have today praised President Samia Suluhu’s speech saying it was full of vision that aims at the development of Tanzania.

“I have followed President Samia Suluhu Hassan’s speech. It is certainly full of wisdom, humility and a vision,” wrote Abubakar on Twitter.

He was joined by several others including opposition politicians such as Zitto Kabwe who was also full of praise for the direction the new head state has chosen to take.

Former Arusha MP Godbless Lema wrote: Your statements today are once again shows hope for media freedom and trade. If this is your direction I have no doubt that our country will heal, believing that soon our POLITICAL competition will be based on innovation and good policies while Democracy returns back to normal from where it was.

In today’s speech, the president gave directives to almost every ministry and some of the key institutions.


In her speech, President Samia tackled several areas of the economy including tax collection where she faulted the TRA’s task force set to collect taxes saying it was hurting businesses.

On investors

Investors complain that there has been a lot of bureaucracy in Tanzania, taxes to investors are unclear, I receive information from my Deputies, and businessmen want me to assure them if they will work calmly  for them to return to Tanzania.

We want Investors to enjoy Tanzania, companies are closing. My brothers and sisters, it is not a lie. If we impose restrictions, we are holding them back, when they leave our economy declines, jobs are reducing and cash flow is shrinking and this is the biggest cry of Tanzanians to have empty pockets.

 On work permits

Work permits have become a disaster, work permit regulators have turned themselves into demi-Gods, people have turned the department into a project, they say someone who invests should employ a Tanzanian, every Investor has the right to employ someone who he trusts why force him?, Do justice.


On International relations

"The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has a lot of work to do to promote relations with foreign countries, Minister (Mulamula) you are very good at this, that is why I saw it fit to appoint you, they listening to you, you have worked with them a lot, please let's go and establish good relations with foreign countries.

 Media freedom

“I am told you revoked licenses of some media outlets, including some online television stations. You should lift the ban but tell them to follow the law and government guidelines,