Serengeti man injured by lion while grazing his cattle

Thursday January 14 2021
Serengeti pic
By Anthony Mayunga

Serengeti.  A resident of Songambele in Nyichoka village Mgusui Chacha (32) has been injured by a lion while out grazing his cattle

Serengeti District Commissioner Nurdin Babu on Thursday, January 14, said the man was injured on January 13 at 6.30pm and is currently being treated at Nyerere Hospital after suffering multiple injuries.

"He was attacked while trying to save the  cattle from being mauled  by the lions, one of the cats which was hiding on the sides attacked and injured his left arm and was rescued by the people,” said Mr Babu.

According to District wildlife officer John Lendoyan the Lions are believed to be hiding in the mountains and in the evenings they descend on to the villages, saying they are preparing a joint operation with other institutions to control them.

Nyichoka village chairman Peter Kairo has appealed to the government to help them as their  livestock are being eaten away, "they have to relocate these lions just as they did last year when they gave 36 to Burigi Chato we breathed, they have re-emerged and it is dangerous for people and livestock," he said.