Sexual violence against children on the rise in Tanzania

Wednesday June 16 2021

TAMWA Executive Director, Rose Reuben

By Salome Gregory

Dar es Salaam. Tanzania has continued to record a n increase in number of sexual violence against children.
This was said by Tanzania Media Women Association (TAMWA) executive director  Rose Reuben saying police reports show a huge increase of 26 percent in the past five years.
“Police report shows sexual violence against children have been highly reported in 2020 with a total of 5,803 which is equivalent to 615 cases per month, making it a very big challenge in the country,” Reuben said.
 This comes at a time when the World commemorates the African Child Day under the theme 30 years after the adoption of the charter accelerate the implementation of Agenda 2040 for an Africa fit for children.
According to Ms Reuben, this year’s theme was selected by the African Committee of Experts on the Rights and Welfare of the Child Tanzania included signed 10 aspirations and agreement that will lead to more safety for children.
The aspiration are the African Children’s Charter, as supervised by the African Children’s Committee, provides an effective continental framework for advancing children’s rights and an effective child-friendly national legislative, policy and institutional framework is in place in all member states.
Others are  every child’s birth and other vital statistics are registered, every child survives and has a healthy childhood,  every child grows up well-nourished and with access to the basic necessities of life, every child benefits fully from quality education, every child is protected against violence, exploitation, neglect and abuse, children benefit from a child-sensitive criminal system, every child is free from the impact of armed conflicts and other disasters or emergency situations and the last one is African children’s views matter.
The festival which brought together pupils, students and parents gave an opportunity for the children to showcase their talents and had enough time to play together and learn new things through talent sharing session.