TCRA CCC speaks out on mobile phones security

Tuesday June 08 2021

TCRA CCC Executive Secretary Mary Msuya. PHOTO| FILE

By Rosemary Mirondo

Dar es Salaam. Telecommunications Consumer Consultative Council (TCRA CCC) has directed mobile companies to look at ways to help people with special  needs also access such services, this they say is in accordance with the law directs mobile phone users to have passwords on their mobile phones for security reasons.
The council said that in order for the group to be able to use communication services, there is a need to put in place services that are tailored to their needs, focusing more on the audio-visually impaired persons.
Commenting on this, TCRA CCC Executive Secretary Mary Msuya said when it comes to the issue of security on mobile phones it is advisable that people with special needs seek ways to protect themselves.
She said so far it is one mobile phone company that has a voice encryption service that enables the visually impaired person to lock, unlock his phone and perform financial transactions.
"We know that communication is an important pillar in economic activity at the moment, so even our colleagues with disabilities should benefit from communication services," she said.
"I call on service providers to put the group in their plans, we see Vodacom has already done it through the Voice app. This allows a blind person to set the password. This enables them to be secure and can even perform financial transactions without having to give his phone to someone else,” she said.
She advises other providers to follow suit or add more creativity to ensure their services reach and benefit people with special needs.
Giving a three-month assessment from March to May, the Executive Secretary explained that the council continues to provide education on the interests of users of telecommunications services through different ways.
She said during the period they have also received many complaints from users of telecommunications services and forwarded them to the relevant authorities who are telephone companies for further action.
For his part, Hilary Tesha, the council's Head of Education and Awareness, urged Tanzanians to focus on the proper use of social media and to refrain from inappropriate actions.
 “There has been a vicious cycle of using social media to spread offensive language and insulting people. I urge users to use the freedom to use the internet effectively to be part of the people's economic development, ”said Tesha.