The story how gemstone dealers from Mahenge were brutally killed (2)

Tuesday March 02 2021
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Former Dar es Salaam Regional Detective Chief Abdalla Zombe in the high court in Dar es Salaam. Left is former Kinondoni Chief of Investigation, Christopher Bageni.

By Bernard James

On the evening of January 14, 2006, eight police officers left the University of Dar es Salaam Police Station to go on patrol.

They were led by Staff Sergeant James Masota, in Toyota Stout with a registration SU 9363. Some were in uniform others were in plain clothes.

Also present at the patrol were detective Festus Gwabisabi, Corporal Nyangelera Maurice, Corporal Emmanuel Mabula, Corporal Felix Cedrick, Constable Noel Leonard and Constable Michael Shonza.

From the station they headed to Changanyikeni then Makongo where they dropped off Corporal Mabula and Constable Shonza who were scheduled to patrol the area, then the car was driven towards Survey (now Mlimani City).

Information regarding robbery


In the crime intelligence coordination unit (999) at the Dar es Salaam Central Police Station, Sergeant Revocatus, was in charge that day, working in collaboration with Corporal John who was coordinating incoming and outgoing calls.

With them was Corporal Maseku who was receiving text messages and phone calls. , At about 1215Hrs, Corporal Maseku received reports of a robbery where a certain amount of money had been stolen.

The information was provided by a person who identified himself as Mashaka Mashili, the driver of a Bidco company truck used to collect funds from the sales of the company's products.

Mashili told Corporal Maseku that they were attacked by people who were in a Toyota Mark II on Sam Nujoma Road around Konoike area. The men, he said had a pistol and had been robbed of more than Sh5 million.

After receiving the information, Corporal Maseku briefed the detectives in the area, namely the chief detective at the Oysterbay Police Station, Urafiki Police Station and the Regional Crime Officer.

Given the nature of the communication system within the Police Force,  where they use radio calls, this information reached officers on patrol as well.

Staff Sergeant James was on his way with his team, before arriving at Survey area, he received reports of the robbery, so he told his colleagues to head to the crime scene.

Oysterbay Police Station

While in office, Kinondoni District Detective Chief (OC-CID), Superintendent of Police (SP) Christopher Bageni, also received reports of the robbery. He left with four officers to Konoike, on Sam Nujoma Road.

He was accompanied by detectives Rajabu Bakari, Saad Alawi and Frank Mbutu as well as Constable Rashid Lema.

Bageni ordered Corporal Frank, the driver of the Pajero Mitsubishi towards Sam Nujoma at the scene of crime.

Urafiki police Station

As Bageni was leaving with his men, the chief of intelligence at the Urafiki Police Station, Assistant Superintendent of Police (ASP) Ahmed Makelle was driving into Morogoro Road.

He soon spotted Corporal Ebeneth Saro and Constable Jane Andrew crossing the road heading to to Urafiki Police Station; they were from Magomeni Police Station

He ordered them to get into the car and left with them. While on the way Makelle told them that there was a robbery on the Sam Nunjoma Road.

Sam Nunjoma Road

A police car from the University arrived at Konoike and found a Benz truck that belonged to Bidco parked in the middle of the road with four people standing beside it. 

Staff Sergeant James and Corporal Festus alighted and approached them and began to question them.

One of them identified himself as a Bidco employee and that they had been robbed of Sh5 million by robbers in a white Toyota Mark II. One of them, he said, had a pistol, and they headed for towards Super Star Road. After that explanation James led other officers towards Super Star Road.

Sinza Palestina

While Sam Nujoma's robbery saga was going on, Jongo and his friends arrived at the home of Ngonyani's wife Benadetha Lyimo. They found her sitting her outside her house plaiting her hair.

Benadetha welcomed them inside but they refused saying they were in a hurry. Jongo pulled her aside and after a bit of talk he gave her Sh30,000.

They bade her farewell and got into their car to leave. As the driver turned the car around, a police car approached and stopped them.

The policemen got out of their car and ordered the Jongos to come down with their hands up. Jongo and his companions obeyed without saying a word. The officers searched them.

Lunkombe tried to question why they had been arrested but ended up being hit in the butt by one of the officers. He had to stay silent.

Corporal Festus searched Jongo and found him in possession of a pistol.

He warned his colleagues to be careful and urged the public not to move close because those who had been arrested were bandits.

Despite arguing that he legally owned the pistol, the officers did not hear a word. The other suspects were found with phones that were taken by the officers.

As the search continued, Corporal Festus opened the boot of the car and found a briefcase.

He asked for the contents of in the briefcase and he was told it had cash of about Sh5 million.

At that point Corporal Festo advised that the Jongos be taken to a police station because there was a possibility that the money was the one that was stolen from the Bidco truck.

James took the briefcase despite Jongo urging him not to take it. 

Before long, another car arrived, a Toyota Corolla with registration number T 262 AAP. One of the University's officers stopped it, and the occupants got off. They were ASP Makelle, Corporal Saro and Jane of Urafiki Police Station.

Makelle introduced himself and one of the police officers informed him that they suspected the men they had arrested because they had a pistol.

ASP Makelle advised them to be taken to the police Station for interrogations.  They were handcuffed, loaded into the police car and drove away.

After giving instructions, Makelle returned to his car and reported that the suspects had been arrested with a pistol and Sh5 million in cash.

Staff Sergeant James ordered Corporal Nyangelera to drive the suspects' vehicle and the convoy headed for Super Star.

To continue tomorrow……