TRA denies sending Hai DC to collect taxes on its behalf

Friday September 24 2021
Sabaya pic

Former Hai District Commissioner, Lengai Ole Sabaya

By The Citizen Reporter

Arusha. The Tanzania Revenue Authority (TRA), acting manager in  Arusha Region, Kayobyo Majogolo (41), has told court that the act of  former District Commissioner of Hai, Lengai ole Sabaya collecting taxes was against the Tax collection act which is a mandate of the TRA.

Mr Majogolo who is the second witness was testifying in court on Friday September 24, in an economic sabotage case against Ole Sabaya and six others.

Senior State Counsel, Ofmed Mtenga, led Mr Majogolo in his testimony before the resident magistrate Patricia Kisinda where the witness alleged that according to the law the only person that can form a task force to collect taxes is the TRA Commissioner General.

“So in that matter the District Commissioner cannot be responsible for tax collection,” he told court.

In the assault case number 27, 2021, the other accused are Enock Mnkeni, Watson Mwahomange, John Aweyo, Sylvester Nyegu, Jackson Macha and Nathan Msuya.

The defendants face five charges with the first offence being that of leading a criminal gang and fifth of extortion of Sh90 million from businessman Francis Mrosso while knowing that it was against the law.


Of the five offences, Mr Sabaya alone faces three counts of conspiracy, conspiracy to commit corruption,extortion of Sh90 million from Francis Mrosso and abuse of office while he was the DC for Hai in Kilimanjaro Region.