Twelve illegal migrants of Ethiopian origin arrested in Dodoma

Friday November 20 2020

The Dodoma Regional Police Commander Gilles Muroto

By The Citizen Reporter

Dodoma. Police in Dodoma is holding 12 illegal migrants; this was confirmed by Regional Police Commander Gilles Muroto at press conference on Friday, November 20.

The RPC said out of the 12 men, 11 were Ethiopian nationals whereas one was Kenyan.

He said they were arrested in Kongwa District while trying to seek for a place to change their money after they were left behind by their host.

“Their host left them stranded. It is when they decided to look for where they would exchange the money they had into Tanzanian Shilling,” said RPC Muroto

He added that after conducting an investigation it was confirmed that the 12 men were heading to South Africa through Zambia.

According to the RPC after interrogations the 12 men will be taken to court to face charges.


On Monday, November 16, a total of 29 illegal migrants were arrested by immigration officers at Mtera, Mpwapwa District while heading to Makambako in Njombe Region.

Among the 29 arrested, 14 were Ethiopians, 11 Rwandese, 1 from Uganda, and 2 Bangladesh nationals.

Muroto warned all those who are involved in the vice to stop forthwith or else face the wrath of the law.