[email protected]: Tanganyika elected FAO member

Sunday September 26 2021
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By The Citizen Reporter

Tanganyika achieved one more step in its progress into the world family when it was elected the 104th member of the Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) of the United Nations in Rome, Italy.

The minister of Agriculture, Mr Paul Bomani, who returned to Dar es Salaam at the weekend, made a speech of acceptance which was warmly applauded by delegates. It was a big and unique history for Tanganyika to become a member of the UN in a very short time.

Source: Tanganyika Standard newspaper

Army officer Nyirenda appointed to raise the flag of free Tanganyika on Mt Kilimanjaro

The new of flag of Tanganyika will be raised on top of Mount Kilimanjaro (19, 349 ft), Africa’s highest mountain, by a Tanganyika African army officer, Lt Alexander Nyirenda, at midnight on Friday, December 8, when the territory becomes an independent sovereign state.


A symbolic torch engraved “Uhuru na Umoja”, the motto of Tanganyika’s new coat-of-arms, will be placed in position near the flag.

The ceremony at the summit will coincide with the raising of the Tanganyika flag for the first time in Dar es Salaam, 300 miles distant, before the Royal visitor, the Duke of Edinburg Prince Philip.

As a capacity crowd of 75,000 people in the newly constructed National Stadium in Dar es Salaam applaud their new flag and witness a giant fireworks display, the young Tanganyikans and members of his team on the snow-capped mountain top will set off powerful flares that are expected to be seen for miles around, even across the Kenya border.

Source: Tanganyika Standard newspaper

Main trunk road in Arusha to be renamed Uhuru Road

Due to being depended upon by many activities of Uhuru struggles and businesses, the main trunk road linking Arusha Region to neighbouring regions was proposed by many people to be renamed Uhuru Road.

They reached the decision in order to give the road its deserved status in a period when Tanganyika was moving towards independence.

This was a unique historic event at that time as despite many roads with interesting history linking to other regions in Tanganyika, the Uhuru Road was seen deserving that unique status.

Source: Tanganyika Standard newspaper

Nyerere, Governor Turnbull invited to BBC independence preview programme

Towards Tanganyika’s independence, the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) prepared a special programme known as “A torch of Kilimanjaro” that focused on the Uhuru journey of Tanganyika.

Being part of the programme’s continuation, Mr Nyerere, Prime Minister of Tanganyika and the Governor Sir Richard Turnbull were among prominent Tanganyika personalities who took part in the programme.

The programme was on the air on Monday December 4, 1961 in a series of news from around the world broadcast by the BBC.

The programme involved documentary material collected by Kathleen Stahl, a lecturer on commonwealth affairs and the author of two books on Tanganyika.

The programme described the steps leading towards the Tanganyika’s independence.

Source: Tanganyika Standard newspaper