VIDEO: Heavy rains kill three in Hai, over 4,000 displaced

Monday April 26 2021
By Janeth Joseph

Hai. Three people are presumed dead, and nearly 4,000 have been displaced due to flooding after heavy rains pounded Weru-Weru and Masama wards in Hai District in the past few days.

The three people were in a family vehicle that was washed away by floods following a heavy rainfall, which hit the district on April 21 and swept away the Namwi river banks.

District officials say efforts to recover their bodies were still ongoing.

Kilimanjaro Regional Commissioner Anna Mnghwira said yesterday that the floods have destroyed nearly 700 homes, leaving over 4,000 people homeless.

“The rains have left us with many damages, with thousands of people homeless and some of the bridges were flooded as a result of the destruction at the Namwi river banks,” the Regional Commissioner said.

“I would like to continue to commend the people for the patience they have shown during this time of tragedy, but I urge all Tanzanians wherever they are to consider us as people who are seriously affected, because our food, clothing and other essential items have been washed away,” she said.


Masama’s councilman Filbert Ndosi added that “All six bridges have been washed away. We call on the government to do everything possible to save these households, as many people have nowhere to stay.”

Ms Anna Ulomi, one of the survivors of floods has appealed to the government to take action because they were only left with the clothes that they wore.

“I have nothing. I am only left with these clothes that I have worn. Our houses have been swept away.

“Here I have found refuge with my family at our relatives’ home. We need help,” she pleaded.