VIDEO: Ndugai warns Nape Nnauye over questioning the legality of Chadema MPs

Monday May 03 2021
By Louis Kalumbia

Dodoma. Speaker Job Ndugai of the National Assembly has warned Mtama Constituency MP Nape Nnauye to be careful when making his remarks on the women.

Speaker Ndugai issued the warning at the Parliament in Dodoma  today May 3, when speaking on 19 Chadema Special Seats MPs who have been a controversial topic in parliament ever since they were expelled.

Mr Ndugai asked the MPs to forgive the former minister of Information, Culture,  Arts and Sports saying he had erred.

"My brother Nape Nnauye, a Member of Parliament of Mtama Constituency gave his contributions recently here, but I  doing so he defied regulations when he  mentioned names of fellow MPs something he really erred," said Mr Ndugai.

Mr Ndugai said he had spoken to Mr Nnauye who sought forgiveness, noting that he planned to seek forgiveness before the August House today.

"However, I have decided to ask you to forgive him," said Speaker Ndugai.


He said the lawmaker made sensitive remarks about the women, insisting that Mr Nnauye should be careful in future.

In his recent remarks, Mr Nnauye was quoted questioning the legality of the opposition Special Seats MPs who were sacked by Chadema on November 27, 2020.

The outspoken MP said it was outright wrong to recognize MPs who are longer members of a political party.

He wanted government institutions to respect decisions made by Chadema against its national chairperson Halima Mdee.