WhatsApp now uses Kiswahili in its operations

Wednesday January 20 2021
Whatsapp PIC
By Ramadhani Ismail

Messaging social networks WhatsApp has started using Kiswahili in its operation, making it easy for Kiswahili speakers to access their services.
This becomes another milestone for Kiswahili which already has more than 200 million speakers in Eastern Africa and elsewhere.
This service is available to all countries where Kiswahili is used such as Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda and DRC.
To access the service , open your Whatsapp, then go to Setting, then Chats, inside Chats you will come across  the “App language”, after that, you select Kiswahili and the user interface changes to the new language.
WhatsApp is not the first network to use Kiswahili, Social networks like Facebook, Twitter and Google have been using  Kiswahili for a long time.
Facebook started using Kiswahili in 2005 while Twitter started in 2016, and these came after users from Kenya came with a petition for Jack Dorsey to make the network use Kiswahili as its official language for translating tweets from different users.
Google decided to go further by adding Tanzanian ethnic languages to its networks, such as Chaga, Hehe, Nyakyusa, Makonde and many others.