ZEC nullifies Zanzibar polls, cites irregularities

Wednesday October 28 2015


Zanzibar Electoral Commission Chairman, Jecha Salum Jecha says the Zanzibar elections have been nullified, citing breach of electoral laws and processes.

Mr Jecha was quoted by the Zanzibar Broadcasting Corporation as confirming the drastic move that would add to the growing political crisis in the Isles.

The ZEC chairman said that the election was not free and fair followisng infringement of laws and regulations that govern Zanzibar’s elections.

 “Due to the powers I have, I declare officially that this election and its results are nullified and there is a need to repeat the whole exercise,” he was quoted as saying in a statement read by the state broadcaster.

The affected elections is the presidency and that if the house of representatives. The move came as the country was awaiting the announcement of the winner of the hotly contested race.

It also followed Monday’s declaration by CUF presidential candidate Seif Sharif Hamad that he had won the vote country from own tallies. Seif was facing the incumbent president Dr Ali Mohammed Shein.