Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Tanzania warns NGOs over violation of country’s laws

Mr Baraka Leornard

Mr Baraka Leornard 

By Gladys Mbwiga @gladysmbwiga

Dar es Salaam. The government has issued a stern warning against non-governmental organisations (NGOs) that violate country’s laws and regulations.

This comes as the government is set to review the national NGO policy. 

The warning was issued yesterday by the deputy registrar of NGOs, Mr Baraka Leornard, during the winding up of a two-day meeting that was aimed at reviewing the NGO policy that has been in use since 2001 and prepare 30 experts who will travel upcountry to collect views on the new policy.

Mr Baraka said that NGOs were established with the intention of serving the people and not for personal gain as some have been doing. 

"The government is prepared to deal with all those that were using NGOs for making their own gain instead of providing service and that strict measures would be taken against those that will be found accountable,” he said.

He said further that through the new policy that is set to be changed there will be laws that will provide a good operating environment for NGOs.

"Being registered is one thing but one must adhere to the values of the country in which they operate,” he said.

For his part, National Council for NGOs secretary general Ismail Suleiman said it was important for policy to be reviewed so as to keep it up to date.

“The current policies have been in use since 2001. Seventeen years is too along a time. Many things have changed including nature of NGOs, objectives and what they intend to achieve,” he observed. 

According to him, some other things were already outdated. 

“The aim is to ensure that the new policy will sort out the current challenges as well as meet the needs of the current and future NGOs and the community at large,” he explained.