1. Nisher Entertainment honours late director Nisher with posthumous album release

    Released on what would have been his birthday on July 8, NISHER is a 15-track masterpiece featuring star-studded collaborations with the likes of Gentriez, Dogojanja, Countrywizzy, and many more.

  2. Meja Kunta announces Singeli-rap collaboration with Chidi Benz

    With this collaboration, Meja Kunta and Chidi Benz are set to create a memorable and impactful addition to Tanzanian music, blending their unique styles to captivate audiences.

  3. Shilole speaks broken English deliberately to leave fans with a smile

    Shilole, has revealed that her humorous attempts at speaking English are deliberate, aiming to spread laughter and joy among her fans.

  4. Alikiba praises Diamond as Chris Brown dances to Komasava

    Finally, Alikiba, the biggest rival of Diamond Platnumz, has reacted to Diamond’s hit single ‘Komasava’ being danced to by American RnB star Chris Brown.

  5. Diamond Platnumz unveils inspiration behind hit single ‘Komasava’

    The song has swiftly transcended borders, captivating audiences worldwide with its infectious energy and cultural richness.

  6. Diamond Platnumz praises local media, unveils strategy to take Bongo Flava to next level

    We may at times blame the media for posting Nigerian artists’ stuff, but this happens because Nigerian artists are doing well.

  7. Diamond Platnumz hit ‘Komasava’ elevates Bongo Flava to global heights

    This unprecedented global attention suggests that Komasava could serve as a significant milestone in the journey of Bongo Flava music.

  8. Kikwete advises Bongo Flava artists to invest their earnings

    He warned that artists who fail to recognise this might resort to selling off assets like houses and cars to sustain their lifestyles.

  9. Hip Hop Asili Festival comes to life June 28 in Bagamoyo

    The festival, which began three years ago, is aimed at supporting Tanzanian and East African hip hop talents to advance their professional careers and improve their knowledge of the music industry

  10. Mangoma: Tanzanian manager taking leading role in preparing Rick Ross's African album

    Do you recall the 'We Are the World' project announced by a hip-hop music legend from the United States, Rick Ross, in collaboration with African artistes?

  11. Diamond’s 'Komasava' challenge sparks bongo flava celebration and debate

    In a remarkable turn of events in the Bongo Flava industry, American artist Chris Brown recently ignited a major buzz by posting a challenge of Diamond Platnumz's hit song ‘Komasava’

  12. Patcho Mwamba: The man behind FM Academia speaks out on comeback, critics and the future

    Patcho Mwamba Lukusa, a renowned dance musician from FM Academia band, has revealed the secret behind the band's successful comeback and rapid market capture.

  13. Harmonize and Rayvanny reunite for new collaboration

    Tanzanian music heavyweights Harmonize and Rayvanny have announced an upcoming collaboration, just days after Harmonize released his latest album.

  14. Zuchu's first album ready to rock Bongo Flava charts

    With her debut album now complete, Zuchu is set to reach new heights.

  15. Ray C reveals why she moved from Tanzania to France

    Seeking peace and a fresh start, Ray C decided to leave Tanzania.