Thursday, March 8, 2018

Bashe clarifies his decision

Nzega Urban MP (CCM) Mr Hussein Bashe

Nzega Urban MP (CCM) Mr Hussein Bashe 

By John Namkwahe @johnteck3 jnamkwahe@tz.nation

Dar es Salaam. Nzega Urban MP (CCM) Mr Hussein Bashe on Thursday, March 8th was forced to make clarifications on his decision to ask the parliament to form a team to probe ongoing human rights violations.

According to him, his move aims at finding a better and lasting solution, which would see savage incidents come to an end.

The legislator his call was in accordance with the national and ruling party’s (CCM) constitutions.

He made the remarks when addressing a press conference at Mtanzania Media Househead offices at Sinza.

"On Monday, when I was at Nzega, I posted a tweet on my tweeterpage informing the public about my intention to submit a special request to the parliament over human rights violation in the country," he recalled.

He added: "Today, I have come here to inform the public through media outletsover the progress of the saga.

"As a legislator, it is my obligation to make sure that my people of Nzega and all Tanzanians are free from unlawful attacks."

The MP said he was determined to fight for the interests of the nation despite criticism.

"A few MPs have supported the agenda and others didn't. I'm not even worried to lose my life because we human beings will all somedaydie," he said.

He further revealed that he had conducted a thorough investigation for five months and identified a number of unlawful activities and violation of human rights taking place in the country.

"There has been ongoing killings of innocent people due to political activities. For instance the national institute of transport (NIT) student who was shot dead in accidental police shooting. This is unacceptable,"

He said he has already submitted the letter to the office of Speaker of NationalAssembly and his party leaders informing them about the matter.

"I have made the decision for the betterment of the nation and my party," he said.