Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Airtel calls schools in Kinondoni to make use of Airtel Lab


By The Citizen Reporter @TheCitizenTz news@tz.nationmedia.com

Having established a modern ICT through its Airtel Fursa program, the mobile phone company is now appealing to primary and secondary schools to utilize the facility.

The call was made by Airtel Tanzania Project Manager, Ms Jane Matinde, after visiting Kijitonyama Kisiwani Primary school, a visit aimed at introducing the ICT lab to pupils and schools within Kiniondoni Municipal.

The Airtel Fursa Lab is a partnership between Airtel and Dar Teknohama Business incubator – DTBi – designed as life changing program. It equips pupils and teachers with ICT knowledge.

“We have big number of pupils and teachers especially from Kijitonyama Primary School who have joined the ICT studies. The training will go on as usual even during the holidays. This is an opportunity to pupils and teachers and whoever is interested to register for the studies,” said Ms Matinde.

 Earlier, the studies had focused on pupils, students and entrepreneurs but now they have extended the same to teachers within Kinondoni Municipal.

“We are still receiving applicants who want to get skills on ICT management. Pupils, students and anyone who is willing to take part in these studies is encouraged to apply,” she added.

Kijitonyama Kisiwani Primary School second master, Ms Sikudhan Semka, applauded Airtel for visiting the school and said they would make sure that they use the Airtel Lab accordingly.

“We have five computers at the school but not even a single teacher can use them as none has the skills. It is very encouraging to learn that our neighbouring school has the facility that can equip our teachers and pupils with such a knowledge. We will make use of this opportunity,” she ssid.

The ICT Lab Airtel Fursa Manager, Agape Jengela, said they are ready to offer training to any applicant.

Jengela named some of the courses offered as lego Robotics’ – an animation programming for children and 3D designing and printing.