Monday, December 4, 2017

CCM faces stiff competition from Chadema, CCM leader admits

The newly elected CCM chairman for Mbeya

The newly elected CCM chairman for Mbeya Region, Mr Jacob Mwakasole  

By Godfrey Kahango @TheCitizenTz

Mbeya. The newly elected CCM chairman for Mbeya Region, Mr Jacob Mwakasole has admitted that his party faces a stiff competition from opposition.

He was speaking here on Monday a few hours after being elected the region’s head of the party.

Mr Mwakasole added that he was aware that Mbeya Region had numerous political challenges, which include intra-party groupings.

He called for cooperation from his fellow leaders and party’s members to address the challenges in question.  

“I have the knowledge on the existing political, social and economic challenges in the region. I cannot deal with them well unless I get support from other party leaders, members and government leaders,” he said.    

The CCM National Executive Committee (NEC) member, who represents Mbeya region, Dr Stephen Mwakajumilo, said tolerance was the only solution to the challenges the party was grappling with.

“Speaking of a new CCM and new Tanzania, we need to tolerate each other. Groupings during elections is normal. After that we need to concede defeat and support the winners for the sake of the party,” noted Dr Mwakajumilo.  

 In the previous two general elections, CCM, in the region, lost to the opposition Chadema with Joseph Mbilinyi ‘Sugu’ becoming the Mbeya Urban Constituency legislator in two terms consecutively.

Also in the last week’s council by election held in Ibighi ward, Rungwe District, CCM lost to   Chadema’s Lusubilo Simba who garnered 1,449 votes against his CCM’s closest rival Suma Fyandomo who got 1,205 votes.