Friday, October 20, 2017

Cashew nut trading season opens with promising prices


By Haika Kimaro, @TheCitizenTz

Tandahimba. The prices of a kilo of cashew nuts at the just opened Tandahimba and Newala Corporative Union (Tanecu) auction for the 2017/18 season have improved to between Sh3,800 and Sh3,850 from Sh3,650 recorded in the 2016/17 season.

The first 2017/18 auction saw a total of 6,225 tonnes of the merchandise being traded in Newala and Tandahimba at prices ranging between Sh3,800 and 3,850 and Sh3,800 and 3,810 respectively.

The season opened on October 1 with an announcement that standard grade cashew nuts would attract Sh1,450 per kilo while that which would be below standard would sell for Sh1,160.

A total of 76 purchasing firms were reported to have filed applications with the Tanzania Cashew Nut Board (TCB) with registration and licences being issued to 47 firms.

Reports collected from TCB shows that a total of 264,887.5 tonnes of the crop were purchased in 2016/17; 155,244.7 tonnes in 2015/16; 197,932.5 tonnes in 2014/15; 130,123.8 tonnes in 2013/14 and 127,947.5 for the 2012/13 season.

While Mtwara Region collected and sold a total of 172,771.1 tonnes of the merchandise in the 2016/17 season; 61,739.3 tonnes were recorded in Lindi Region and 15,429.2 tonnes in Ruvuma Region.

Other regions and amounts of cashew nut collected and sold in the 2016/17 season include Tanga (682.1), Iringa (451.4), Singida (207.8), Mbeya (138.4), Morogoro (102.6), Njombe (80.4) and Dodoma (19.5).