Saturday, December 16, 2017

Extending presidential term limit isn’t bad, says Z’bar VP


By Haji Mtumwa @TheCitizenTz

 Zanzibar’s Second Vice President Seif Ali Idd has welcomed a proposal by a member of House of Representatives to extend the presidential term limit from five to seven years.

Mr Idd was speaking during the adjournment of House of Representatives meeting, which started two weeks ago.

Debating the Elections Bill of 2017, some representatives proposed that the term limit be reviewed because Zanzibar had been incurring huge amounts of money to hold polls after every five years.

Mr Hamza Hassan Juma (Shaurimoyo -- CCM) said for the president to serve people well the term limit should be reviewed.

He said although the Isles and United Republic of Tanzania constitution had set a five-year term limit, there was a room for amendments.

“We spend a lot of money on holding elections after every five years. The money could have been used to build more than 20 schools.”

Mr Idd said since the issue involved both parts of the union it was better to leave it to top government officials to see how the proposal could be implemented.

“This isn’t new in the region. Even Rwanda has done it. Extending the presidential limit will help us achieve development goals. There is no problem with the proposal,” said Mr Idd.