Friday, January 5, 2018

Mbeya Urban MP told to report back to police next Tuesday

Mbeya urban MP Joseph Mbilinyi

Mbeya urban MP Joseph Mbilinyi 

By Godfrey Kahango

Mbeya. Mbeya Urban Member of Parliament Joseph Mbilinyi (Chadema) and the party’s Southern Highlands coordinator Emanual Masonga have been ordered to report back to the police on Tuesday, January 9.

The two reported to Regional Crime Officer’s office, today, Friday 5, but were told to go back on January 9.

The two are accused of uttering words, which could incite citizens to dislike their government during a public rally held on December 30, last year, at mwenge Primary school grounds.

They reported to the RCO’s office on January 2, where they were interrogated for several hours before they were released on bail.

“We have reported to RCO’s office as we were directed, when we were released on bail but we have been directed to report back on January 9,” Masonga told reporters.

Mbeya regional Police commander Mohammed Mpinga told reporter shortly after the two reported to the police that the reasons of holding and questioning Sugu and Masonga were to get the truth and evidence from them over the things they had spoken of because they (police) saw the utterances as sowing hatred between the public and the government.

Mr Mpinga said the two spoke about killings of people, whose bodies were then disposed of in polyethylene bags before they were tossed into the sea.

However, the RPC said the suspects had no evidence and that their utterances aimed at sowing seeds of hatred between the members of the public and the government.